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The electric bike you have been waiting for

Minimalist and elegant, Capri electric bikes spin the perfect balance between power, weight, autonomy and style. This summer we’ll launch a new batch of electric bikes.

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Electric? Yes.

Serie Z is just a dream. Two amazing models of electric bikes different of all you have seen: Capri Metz & Capri Azur. The electric bikes of the Capri’s Serie Z are inspired by european bikes of the 70’s. Serie Z are minimalist electric bikes, stylish, light and durable.

Metz model

Azur model

European Electric Bikes

Made to last

More than 10 years of experience

We have sold more than 25,000 bicycles in nearly 30 countries. More than 10 years of experience in the sector as Biciclasica.com and an exemplary reputation have enabled us to collaborate with the top companies to produce an electric bicycle with one-of-a-kind quality, design and price.

Our country is Europe

Since 2010, Capri bicycles have been designed in Spain and produced in Italy and Portugal, subject to demanding European quality standards. The result is a bicycle that is reliable, durable and produced ethically, accepting responsibility for people and for the environment.

High quality standards

We manufacture in Europe, mainly in Portugal and Italy, and we ensure that all our suppliers comply with the maximum quality standards, at all levels.

Why Capri Electric Bikes?

Capri e-bikes are much more than an elegant, minimalist and beautiful design.



Capri bicycles are easy to customize. A bicycle that reflects your unique personality.

Classic Design

Classic Design

Capri bicycles take their inspiration from the vintage bicycles of the late 1970’s.



An ultra-lightweight bicycle that you can take with you anywhere at any time

Invisible electric current

Invisible electric current

Ride faster for longer with a bicycle that no one will notice is electric.

100% urban & electric

Marketing planning

A lightweight electric bicycle with a battery that is very easy to transport and charge quickly.

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Our experience

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it!

Battery autonomy
Up to 40km of battery
Compact motor
250 W
Battery charging
Full charge in less than 2 hours
Ultra-lightweight, less than 17kg!

 An ultra-lightweight bicycle that you can take with you anywhere at any time.

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How to Shop

You can buy Capri E-Bikes worldwide online through Lovelybikes.com (en) or Biciclasica.com (es).
We have sold out our first production of 2021 in less than a week but we are already working on the second one of the year and our bikes will be ready for this summer.

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Our Factory

Made in Europe

Capri Bikes are made in Europe, we have two factories in Italy and Portugal.

Meet the team

We are Capri E-Bikes

Independence, experience and value

With more than 25,000 bicycles sold in nearly 30 countries, we are an independent, reputable brand, capable of collaborating with the most cutting-edge companies in the sector. The upshot: an electric bicycle made in Europe equipped with the latest technology at a reasonable price.

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Customer Service

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Frequently asked questions

You can buy Capri E-Bikes worldwide online through Lovelybikes.com (en) or Biciclasica.com (es). We have sold out our first production of 2021 in less than a week but we are already working on the second one of the year and our bikes will be ready for this summer.

The METZ model is available in M (165 to 190 cm) and L (175 to 200 cm), whilst the AZUR model is available in M (150 to 180 cm).

Our bikes are under guarantee for 10 years for the frame and components, whilst the battery is under guarantee against manufacturing faults for 6 months. Bike returns are free of charge, with no added cost for customers in Germany, France and Spain, and with very favourable collection and transports costs for other countries.

Easy, whenever you pedal, you get help from the engine, depending on the speed selected (1 to 5). Setting 0 is with no assistance, i.e. a “normal” bike.

Does it work just with the accelerator, without pedalling?

No, the pedal assistance is based on a system that requires on-going pedalling, but a leisurely and easy pedalling pace is enough for it to receive a boost. Bikes with accelerators are no longer bikes, and for now they are not regulated.

What is the assembly like? How does the bike arrive packaged?

The bike is delivered in a box with the pedals, saddle, handlebars, power and front wheel disassembled. An easy-to-follow assembly video and detailed instructions are included.

Just like the non-electric versions of our Capri bikes, we are constantly improving. At the moment the E-Bike is in optimum condition, after many tests and trials, but new versions may be released.

Both the engine (which weighs some 800 gr less than any other similar engine) and the battery (which only weighs 1.6 kg) are particularly light elements. We have poured all our efforts into developing these two main components. Furthermore, the other bike components have been chosen following durability, lightness and optimum performance criteria.

The AZUR model (low bar) with Mixte frame is lighter and can carry up to 110 kg; the METZ model (high bar) with a frame prepared for larger people, can carry over 140 kg.

We have tried different key-locking systems, but in the event of robbery they are all vulnerable. This is precisely why we have designed an ultra-mobile battery that can fit into any pocket or backpack, so you can take it with you easily. What’s more, when you remove the battery the bike does not even look like an electric model, making it less attractive for thieves.

The margin taken by importers, wholesalers, and bike shops constitutes around 50% of the total cost of a bike. At Capri Bikes, we have been manufacturing bikes for 10 years, and we sell directly to the public, meaning the benefit goes straight to our customers.

Yes, of course. What’s more, thanks to its lightweight design it does not require more effort to ride, it feels just like a regular bike. You can also leave the battery at home if you think you won’t need any extra help on your next journey.

There is a no-strings returns policy for your bike throughout the 100 days following purchase. We will even collect the bike for you.

Yes, they are equipped with Spanninga Dot front and rear lights.

Yes, we have tested the bike under all weather conditions. However, we would recommend users to not expose it to rain over a prolonged period of time. It cannot go underwater

Our bikes have been designed for a safe and reliable urban use, and are perfectly capable of reaching the European maximum permitted speed for these vehicles: 25 km/hr. We have not limited motors for other counstries without speed restrictions, in this case don´t forget this in the order comments.

You just need 2 hours to get your battery fully charged.

This depends on many different elements as your body weight, terrain, tires, wind and also the slope. The minimum distance you can ride at max assistance mode is around 20 km but the maximum at minimum assistance mode is around 45 km.

Battery’s lifespan is around 1500 charges. The cost of an extra battery is 250€

Please send an email to nacho@capribikes.com he will manage to get you an extra battery for your bike.

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Be it.»

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